As VD Holland we stand for quality,

We are fully equipped to serve the most critical customers in the market as well as possible. This means that all types of packaging are possible and specific wishes of our customers in general can be met.

We are also in possession of quality labels for various countries (eg England, Japan and America), with which we meet the specific market requirements.


Our sales are provided through our own sales organization PapriCo.

Paprico is the brand of high-quality block peppers in the colors red / yellow / green / orange, grown by skilled sweet pepper growers.

We deliver block peppers directly from our geenhouses via the shortest possible route.

Therefore the communication lines are  shortand the service is high.

PapriCo offers:

• Above average good quality

• Maximum flexibility in terms of packaging

• Distinctive. All sizes and requirements can be delivered.  

• Direct delivery from the greenhouse, so very fresh.

• Most sustainable pepper in NL. 90% less CO2 emission than usual through the use of geothermal heat, heat pumps and biomass.

• 100% milieukeur certified

• 100% BRC certified

• PapriCo is part of DOOR

DOOR is a professional cooperative of and for fruit vegetable growers. With over 49 members and a total of more than 550 hectares of greenhouses, we can offer an extensive range of vegetables for our customers. Through exporters and service providers, our products find their way to retail and food service throughout Europe and beyond.

DOOR Partners BV is the 100% sales subsidiary of cooperative DOOR.

This organization is responsible for the sales, marketing and quality control of the products of the members. This concerns the following five product groups:

• PurplePride (Aubergine)

• Green Diamonds (High wire cucumber)

• PapriCo (Block peppers)

• Prominent (Tomatoes)

• SweetPoint (sweet pointed peppers)

The product groups work closely together and each have their own sales and marketing team. In addition to a joint market approach, picking up issues such as sustainability, energy, internationalization and seed breeding is central.

Together we work on strong brands.

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Organic / Milieukeur planet proof

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