Sustainability comes first

We dare to say that we are among the most sustainable nurseries in the world. Use critters against critters, grow according to the regulations of eco-label and also heating the greenhouses on a sustainable basis. That's how we do it! 

Heating 34 hectares of greenhouses is a huge task. However, we do this in the cleanest possible way, through geothermal heat. This means that we pump water of 75 degrees from the subsurface with which the greenhouses are heated. 

With cooler outdoor conditions, we will not only be heated by geothermal heat, but also the heat pumps will switch on. When it is very cold, we receive heat from a biomass installation. 

All together, this results in 95% less use of fossil fuels and therefore also in 95% less CO2 emissions. 

We also have double energy screens at all locations. These are closed when it gets colder to minimize the energy loss.

That is not all, because our greenhouses are so-called '' green label greenhouses ''. These are greenhouses that have been built with many environmentally-friendly modifications.


Reference to; www.hoewerktaardwarmte.nl

Sustainability comes first Sustainability comes first Sustainability comes first Sustainability comes first

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